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About Helena


I have always had a passion for art and after studying various forms, I finally got accepted to attend the reputable Swansea Architectural Stained Glass School. 


This was just the beginning. My world was opened to a whole new set of creative possibilities with what has recently been classed as an endangered art form, which I am now committed to incorporating in to a more modern and personalised craft.

What Happened Next

The passing of my beloved dog Wurzel encouraged me to explore how I could combine my new found skills and fascination for stained glass with my love for animals, to provide comfort for myself and others by creating an everlasting commemorative piece of art. 


Through many attempts and process trials, I came up with my unique sublim-ashion process that allowed me to combine traditional kiln fired stained glass painting techniques with the addition of pet ashes.


The results are absolutely stunning and the finished portraits truly become part of the glass. A permanent, ever vibrant, non-fading way to immortalise your beautiful pets.


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