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What Helena Does

Helena hand paints each pet portrait commission with or without ashes onto cathedral glass, which is then kiln fired to create a beautiful, unique and everlasting piece of gorgeous art.


Ash Paw Print

Stained glass paw paintings using your beloved pet's ashes

Pet Ash Portraits

Stained glass pet

portraits using your beloved pet's ashes

Everlasting Keepsakes

Small stained glass keepsakes without ashes for loved ones

Unique Commissions

Stained glass commissions with or without ashes

The Process

There are never enough words to convey the sadness and pain of losing a beloved pet. In creating a bespoke portrait, I hope to help you remember them, celebrate their life and bring some form of healing through realistic pet portraits.
Working from photos of your beloved pet and with the utmost care and attention, I capture their character and essence using a small amount of their ashes to paint freehand onto church glass. Using a very traditional, almost forgotten art form of stained glass painting I bring your pet to life in glass with a unique piece that will illuminate, look three dimensional and change with the light source.
Although I primarily work with ashes, if you'd like your current pet immortalised in glass or want to give a unique gift to a loved one, all my pieces can be created without ashes too!

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